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Organic Eucalyptus Multi Floral Honey

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Eucalyptus floral honey has been cultivated from vast eucalyptusestates near Biharigarh area of Saharanpur district, UP. Cultivated in the month of February-March. 100% natural unprocessed floral honey. A boost for immunity. Rich anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and decongestant properties. Provides relief in respiratory tract infections. From the eucalyptus estate in the Biharigarh area of Saharanpur district in Uttar Pradesh, Uttaransh brings to you raw and unprocessed eucalyptus multi-floral honey. As eucalyptus itself have many healing and medicinal properties, the same benefits can be enjoyed by everyone through the bottle of this eucalyptus honey.

Energy (Kcal):320
Fat: Nil
Protein: Nil
Natural Sugar: 78.37 gm
Ash : 0.11 gm
Carbohydrates:79.97 gm
Sucrose: 3.12 gm


 Immunity Booster
The multi floral honey is a powerhouse of antioxidants and antimicrobial elements, which makes it a good source for boosting your immunity. A teaspoon or two in a day will help to reinforce your immune system naturally without any antibiotics.

Relieves Respiratory Diseases
Eucalyptus multi floral honey is an excellent way to relieve any of your respiratory uneasiness. One or two tablespoons of this pure unprocessed honey do the trick of giving you relief from the symptoms of cold, cough or flu. This honey also helps in easing nasal congestion as well as reducing phlegm formation.

Healing Properties
Another reason for making this multi floral honey part of your diet is that it has incredible healing properties. The use of this raw unprocessed honey has known to expedite the healing process of any wounds, ulcer, cuts, sores, abrasions and burns. It is also effective on insects or bug bites, or stings.

The nectar of Uttaransh Eucalyptus Multi Floral Honey is raw and unprocessed, thereby keeping the medicinal values of eucalyptus intact. You can buy this authentic organic honey online that guarantees to be of premier quality and cost-effective.

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Good source for boosting your immunity. Another reason for making this multi floral honey part of your diet is that it has incredible healing properties

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