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Organic Mango Floral Honey

₹ 320.00


Cultivated from Behat, a secluded, rich green mango orchard belt near Shakumbari Devi, Uttar Pradesh Cultivated in the month of March-April. 100% natural unprocessed floral honey. Benefits those with conditions such as insomnia, depression, anxiety &digestion. Mango honey has strong antioxidant potential so it aids in reducing oxidative toxicity, hiccups, bleeding disorders, and urinary tract disorders. A great boon for the immune system as it’s a rich source of vitamin C. it’s a rich source of Vitamin A & improves vision and eye health. The nectar from the bee colonies in the rich green mango orchard belt of Behat near Shakumbari Devi, in Uttar Pradesh, has created the pure unprocessed honey Uttaransh Mango Floral Honey. The honey cultivated here is 100% unprocessed floral mango honey, which is not only tasty in consumption but it also comes with many benefits.

Energy (Kcal):320.48
Fat: Nil
Protien: Nil
Natural Sugar: 78.81 gm
Ash :0.07 gm
Carbohydrates:80.12 gm
Sucrose:2.49 gm


Improves Your Vision
The vitamin A present in mango honey helps improve vision, thus promoting better eye health. Therefore, it is advisable to include mango honey in your daily consumption which will aid in improving your vision and eye health.

Support your Immune System
This raw and unprocessed honey is a rich source of Vitamin C, which is responsible for making your immune system more robust and healthier. Therefore, if you make consuming mango honey a habit, it will boost your immune system considerably, thus helping you with a healthy body.

Helps in Various Psychological Conditions
Consuming unprocessed honey regularly has been known to help in various psychological conditions like anxiety, insomnia, and stress. Mango and honey both are known to enhance the quality of your sleep; it also improves the symptoms of anxiety and depression in the patients. Hence taking mango honey will only help improve your mental health.

This tasty sweet and fruity flavored honey is also a good accompaniment in tea, fruit salads, and baking. The combination of mango and honey together has made Uttaransh Mango Floral honey an essential in your diet, as it is not only tasty but is loaded with healthy benefits. You can order your bottle of this unprocessed honey online by going to

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Mango is my fav fruit thinking that I ordered the honey and gave me the exact taste so I am happy with myrooots for maintaining that taste.

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