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Organic Desi Kikar Honey

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Cultivated from Morena belt, Madhya Pradesh. 100% natural unprocessed floral honey. Harvested during the month of May-June. Very useful to sharpen the memory Loaded with vitamins and minerals Rich in antioxidants & antibiotics content Benefits children.Uttaransh Desi Kikar Floral honey is extracted from the Kikar tree (Babool) from the open dry wild forest of the Morena Belt in Madhya Pradesh. The honey from this tree is delicate in taste; thereby, it is easy on one's palate, and people can have more than one teaspoon of this honey without the overbearing feeling.

Energy (Kcal):322
Fat: Nil
Protein: Nil
Natural Sugar:76.82 gm
Ash :0.11 gm
Carbohydrates:80.50 gm
Sucrose:3.77 gm


Excellent Sugar Substitute
This raw and unprocessed honey has been proven to be an excellent sugar substitute. As this floral honey doesn't have a strong taste, it won't overpower the original flavor of the food items. Mix it in your baking mixture or yogurt or cereal and enjoy the guilt-free pleasure of eating food.

Regulates blood pressure
Consumption of Desi Kikar Floral honey regularly will help in keeping your blood pressure at bay. Results have shown that the nutrients in this honey help in lowering blood pressure.

Help in Increasing the Haemoglobin Level
One of the most prevalent problems people face is low hemoglobin levels. Making desi kikar floral honey part of your daily diet is one of the natural ways to increase your hemoglobin level.

It acts as an energy booster
If you feel low and need an instant energy booster, consume a spoonful of Desi Kikar Floral honey as is, or mix it with lukewarm water and have it. The nutrients present in this honey help in boosting your energy immediately.

There are many Desi kikar variants that are available online, but getting pure honey online is a challenge. However, Uttaransh Honey is one of the authentic brands of honey that you can confidently buy online.

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One of the best honey I have ever tasted in flavors and it is desi.

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