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Fruit Box Exotic (Large)

₹ 1749.00


This fruit box is filled with the most delicious and healthy fruits for you and your loved ones. You can try our Exotic (Large) fruit box & upgrade to our monthly subscription box and never miss a day without adding fruits to your daily diet. Every fruit box includes the below-mentioned fruits and one Surprise Fruit.

This Fruit Box by Myrooots consists of the following fruits:
Imported Blueberries - 1 pack 
Indian Peaches/Nectarines-1 pack (250 gm)
Imported Avocado - 1 Piece
Imported Strawberries/Cherries- 1 pack(250 gm)
Rambutans/Mangosteen-1 pack (250 gm)
Imported Apples- 2 pieces
1 Surprise Fruit

Bulk Buying: If you wish to purchase more than 5 Fruit boxes, Please Contact/Whatsapp us on 9082287067 to Avail special offers.

Monthly Subscription Box: If you buy our monthly subscription you will receive Four fruit box every Month either on Wednesday or Saturday whichever day you mention in the special instruction box during your checkout process.

Packaging: Corrugated Box
Orders will be delivered only on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Orders placed after Friday 10 PM till Tuesday 11 PM will be delivered on Wednesday.
Orders placed after Tuesday 11 PM till Friday 10 PM will be delivered on Saturday.
Fruits may vary subject to availability.

Gift Instructions

* In case you want to send this box to your friends or family, Kindly add the recipient's name in the special instructions message box on the checkout page.
* Invoices for gift boxes will be only emailed to the sender.
* Delivery Partner will deliver the box at the address mentioned in the special instructions box or you can also change the address in the address tab while completing the order.

Customer Reviews

Chirag Bohra

Love ordering from Myrooots. They provide great quality fruits that come with an assurance that they are grown, harvested and managed ethically. This gives me the peace of mind that I'm eating fruits without harmful chemicals. Packaging is also safe.

Hemant Patil

Totally worth it. Loved the flawless experience of placing the order and getting juicy delicious Fruits delivered at my doorstep. Also their exotic fruit box is amazing.

Shreya Mankar

The fruit quality is top class. Every experience ordering from Myrooots has been excellent, and I appreciate the time Myrooots themselves cancelled an order because the stock quality was found wanting. Fruits are packed with care.

Pranoti Mote

Dragon fruits which I have ordered many times have been very good and fresh every time. Then I decided to subscribe to their monthly fruit box plan. Fruits are very nice and fresh. The taste of the fruits is also good. Keep up the good work guys.

Soni Golden

The Fruits box from Myrooots are best in the city. And their service is great ! Have been ordering a variety of fruits from myrooots website ever since they set up their business and have not been disappointed ever. Truly appreciate their prompt response to any inquiry or issue. It's a team which is very focused on customer satisfaction and ensures it! So thank you guys.

Deepali khade

I ordered their fruit box online through myrooots website and got it delivered to my house as I wanted to have something light for dinner . I ate some fruits and then in the night again when I was hungry their packaging was dry & convenient .

Amit Kothari

I live as a bachelor in Thane, Once I saw an advertisement of myrooots on Facebook and ordered their exotic fruit box. I was so surprised by seeing the quality of fruit I got from ordering online. I have tried ordering from a couple of big companies but all I got was fake promises.

Aishwarya Bhoir

Myrooots Exotic fruit boxes are truly delicious...Now we have subscribed to their monthly subscription plan. Every week I get one large fruit box delivered at my house.

Pratik Shinde

One day my wife had cravings for exotic fruits. And I had no idea where I could get them. So casually I checked up on google to see if there is any one offering exotic fruits as I didn't want to go to any shop. and i Came across myrooots.

Shankar Panaskar

Myrooots is an online fresh fruit boxes delivery company , they seem very practical, There delivery service is also is a relief these rainy days.

Supriya Kedare

They Serve Fresh & hygienic Fruits Box at my home every week. All fruits are very Fresh and Tasty. They Provide many Types of Fruit Boxes like standard, regular & exotic fruit boxes

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