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Organic Badri Cow Ghee

₹ 1250.00


Free Range Badri Cows are natives of hilly regions of Uttarakhand. We believe that freedom is the birthright of every living being and that applies to cows as well. These free-range Badri Cows enjoy their days grazing seasonal grass & herbs while climbing higher altitudes.
Badri cow is small in size with height upto 3.5 to 4ft max, largely found with black, brown, red & white body colors. These cows are well adapted to the hilly terrain and climatic conditions and comparatively more resistant to diseases. They can climb any steep terrain in search of vegetation
It is scientifically proven that the milk of free-range cows is 5 times more nutritious than stall-fed cows. Mostly fed grass, milk of these cows is thick and yellow in color. Unlike other Indian breeds, they give only 1 to 3 litres of milk
Method of ghee Preparation- Traditional bilona method (Wood Churner) Uttaransh Badri Cow Ghee is handmade using traditional methods instead of machines. It is laborious involving many man hours and we use only pure cow milk which comes in small batches. Butter is churned from curd using a wooden churner. Cooked on slow wood & cow dung fire which gives the ghee a natural caramel aroma, sweet and butterish scent and taste
GHEE has a very high smoke point. It has short chain fatty acids which is easily absorbed by the body, rich in antioxidants and helps in absorption of vitamins, minerals from foods to which helps to strengthen the immune system
Great for burns, memory retention, and has butyric acid, a fatty acid that contains anti-viral properties which is believed to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumours
Boost bone development ,promotes healthy pregnancy,improves eye health & great moisturizer for dry skin & cracked lips during winters


  • Uttaransh Badri Cow Ghee is handmade using traditional wood churner ( Bilona method)
  • Ghee is rich in antioxidants,promotes digestion & overall immunity
  • Improves Bone Density & Development
  • Heals & nourishes body,a great moisturizer for dry skin & cracked lips during winter
  • Promotes Healthy Pregnancy

Customer Reviews

Chirag Mohra

Loving it because of quality .. The price is slightly on the upper side compared to other ghee in the market but it is worth paying for the purity of it..

Shreya Mankar

The product is a 5 star from my side.i would have given more if I was allowed. The taste is pure. One can identify the difference from other commercial products in the market by just it's color. Only one tablespoon in the meal changes it's complete taste. Finally got the best ghee in the market ?. Thanks Myroots for such a quality product.

Ashish Dhande

This product reminded me of the ghee prepared at home by my grandmother and I used to have it all the time with chapatis and bread. Thanks Myrooots for reviving those memories and sending us the purest cow ghee.

Pratik Shinde

This ghee by Myrooots stands true for its texture and taste.It makes me go way back to the taste of ghee when I was young and things tasted pure and aromatic ...this product got me that taste and feel back after ages ?pra

Pranoti Mote

Smells good and authentic. Will take it for the long term and share experiences later.

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