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Rambutan is Nutritious
Fresh Rambutan is a powerhouse of various minerals and vitamins that are required by the human body. The Vitamin C present in this fruit take care of almost half of the daily requirement if one eats 6-7 rambutan daily. In addition, the copper in rambutan fruit helps in maintaining the various cells of your body.

Helps in Maintaining Healthy Gut
The fibre content in Rambutans fruit is quite high that promotes a healthy gut as it aids in healthy digestion thanks to the high fibre content in it. In addition, it has soluble and insoluble fibre that improves any disorder of your gut and averts constipation, thus giving you a healthy, well-functioning gut.

Promotes Healthy Skin
Due to the high water content in fresh Rambutan, consuming this fruit daily will keep your skin hydrated and thus helps in avoiding any dryness of the skin. In addition, making Rambutan a part of your diet will also help reduce the occurrence of pimples on your face.

Myrooots provides premium organic and fresh Rambutan to our customers. You can order our premium quality and buy Rambutan online and that too at an affordable price.

- rich in Vitamin C & copper
- contain magnesium, zinc & other minerals
- promotes healthy digestion
- encourages stronger immune system

The origin of Rambutan can be traced to the South eastern part of Asia. Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia are some of the countries where Rambutans fruit are widely cultivated. Rambutans usually grows in clusters with an exterior of reddish leathery skin,the flesh of the fruit is whitish to pale pink in colour with a sweet and mildly acidic flavour.Rambutan is a tropical treat from Southeast Asia. It is related to the Logan & Lychee family of fruits and has a sea urchinlike appearance. Its translucent white flesh contains a sweet yet creamy taste and has a seed in the middle.

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Rambutan is very fresh


Rambutan is very fresh


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Love the packing of fruits


The rambutan fruits was very fresh






Best Quality 100% organic


Good, fresh and affordable vegetables and fruits. 5 star ratings.


Highly recommended, best of the best ????????

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