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Many people consider Mangosteen fruit as the Queen of fruits due to its distinct sweet and sour taste. It is mainly grown in tropical countries in India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and happens to be the national fruit of Thailand. Over the years, Mangosteen or Mangustaan in Hindi is becoming widely popular in India. Most of the mangosteen lovers in India buy mangosteen fruit online through trusted suppliers like Myrooots to get organic and fresh boxes of their favourite fruit. Apart from being delicious, Mangosteen is beneficial for various health benefits it gives, consumed regularly.With these immense benefits of consuming Mangosteen fruit, it is only beneficial to include this fruit in your diet. Order mangosteen fruit online from Myrooots, to get fresh and organic fruit right at your doorstep and at a reasonable price.


It is Extremely Nutritious
Mangosteen fruit is a super fruit packed with important vitamins, fibres and minerals that are required for maintaining our bodily functions and at the same time being low in calories. Thereby, it is always beneficial to include Mangosteen in your daily diet due to its immense benefits to the overall health.

Helps in Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
Xanthone is one of the active compounds found in Mangosteen fruit, and this compound is known to help maintain your blood sugar level. Along with Xanthone, Mangosteen is also a rich source of fibres. Together with Xanthone and Fibres present in this fruit, it aids in keeping your diabetes under control.

Keep Your Gut Healthy 
Mangosteen fruit has high fibre content, and fibre is known to be helpful in any kind of digestive problems. The high composition of fibre in Mangosteen aids in increasing your prebiotics intake that is good for your gut as it helps improve your digestion and support bowel regularity, thus, keeping it healthy.

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Amit Kothari

started using mangosteen juice over 16 years ago because my wife marketed the product. I did not expect any health benefit. I have found that mangosteen is indispensable to my health since then. It has contributed to resolving vitiligo on my skin, resolved canker sore issues in my mouth, speeds recovery from viral illness, minimizes aches and pains from age, and many more. It is amazing! I am now using a mangosteen powder stik twice daily.

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