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Kesar Mangoes (Mango Size : 250+ Grams)

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Kesar Mango: Buy High-Quality Fresh Kesar mangoes direct From the Farm and Enjoy The Original Taste of beautiful bright orange Kesar mango at the best price.

 We bring to you 100% Organic Kesar Mangoes, one of the finest quality mangoes from the Kutch of Gujarat, also known as the Queen of Mangoes.

We supply Kesar mangoes in great quantities direct from our own farms without any agent & supplier to all parts of India.

We take immense care to ensure that each mango supplied from our side is the Best and that No compromise is made in the quality.

Our mangos are export quality. We Look forward to Corporate tie-ups, Wholesalers, and new Establishments all over India.

The summer season is about to end, and summers are incomplete without Kesar mangoes. Order your box today before they are gone.


Kesar mango is rich of Vitamins & Minerals :
Some of the health benefits of eating Kesar mango is nutrients in this delicious fruit. Kesar Mango is a good source of vitamins and minerals. Mango has vitamin A, vitamin E, and Selenium which help in guarding against heart disease and other illnesses. kesar mango are also a great source of potassium, which helps to regulate blood pressure,muscle contraction, and keep your bodily processes work correctly. Mango also contains Vitamin E, which helps the hormonal system to perform more efficiently.

Helps maintain good gut:
Mango helps in improving digestive health as it contains dietary fiber which feeds the good bacteria present in our gut. poor gut or digestive health leads to various health issues such as weak metabolism, asthma, skin condition, and more. thus consuming mango in proper proportion will help keep your gut good and maintain healthy digestion.

Mango keeps eye healthy: 
Kesar Mango is rich in vitamins that give many health benefits and we all know that carrot is good for your eye health but very few know that mango contains substantial amounts of beta carotene which further converts into vitamin A In your body. vitamin A helps prevent blindness and dry eye. thus consuming mango helps in maintaining eye health.

Customer Reviews

Vala prahlad

Pratik Shinde

I was very eager to introduce organic fruits to my younger daughter at an early age and with Myrooots I am able to give her genuine organic mango fruit. Not only does she love the taste, I can rest easy that no chemicals have been used for ripening the mangoes.

Pranoti Mote

Fresh mangoes straight from the farm. They looked amazing and tasted very very sweet...Perfect packing and on-time delivery right to my door. Worth the price.

Sachin Thakur

Hey the Mangoes are Super Duper Yummy.

Aishwarya Bhosale

They were very good but only thing was i had to be patient for them to ripen levin jab pak gaye they were delicious and sweet.

Anita Nair

Mangoes that you have sent are amazing. Best Kesar Mangoes i have ever had.


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