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Dragon Fruit

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Fresh Dragon Fruit is a tropical fruit originally from Central America and Southern Mexico, but today dragon fruit is grown and enjoyed by people all over the world. In the places where it is not produced, people can buy dragon fruit online and get it delivered at home. The reasons why dragon fruit is becoming popular are as follows.
Our red dragon fruits are freshly grown in Kutch, Gujarat. Also known as pitaya, Kamalam or strawberry pear, they're a superfood for better health. They're popular among foodies & health-conscious individuals. Get yours today from Rooots!


- High in Vitamin C & essential minerals
- contains a substantial amount of dietary fiber & good source of magnesium
- strengthens the immune system
- may help fight chronic diseases
Helps in your Diet
If you are in your weight loss journey or trying to maintain your weight, Fresh Dragon fruit is an excellent food item to include in your diet plan. It is fat-free and contains quite a good amount of fibre which helps you remain full for a longer period, thus curbing your urge to snack.

Controls the Blood Glucose Level.
Studies have shown that consuming fresh dragon fruit regularly supports the growth of pancreatic cells that produces insulin, thereby keeping the blood glucose level in control for those with type 2 diabetes and prediabetic conditions.

Has Prebiotic Properties
Making Fresh Dragon Fruit part of your diet will nourish your gut bacteria and also help in enhancing the digestive system. Dragon fruit contains healthy carbohydrates known as oligosaccharides responsible for keeping your stomach and intestine healthy, as it encourages the growth of healthy bacteria.

Eat it fresh, make a smoothie out of it or put it in your salad for an extra crush and texture; however, you want to eat but make dragon fruit part of your diet. To get fresh dragon fruit order online at myrooots and enjoy this wholesome goodness right at your doorstep.

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Never tried Dragon Fruit before and after reading some stuff wanted to try it. I have ordered it from Myrooots now, a few times and they have shipped fast. Also, the fruit is absolutely beautiful, the color is vibrant, they are large fruits. The taste, to me, is tastes fresher to me and more crisp but still the delightful texture that dragon fruit should have. Give them a try, I promise you will love them.

Suraj bhosale

I want

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