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Himachal Apples

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- lowers high cholesterol & blood pressure 
- rich in fiber, aids digestion
- supports healthy immune system
- diabetes friendly fruit
- packed with antioxidants & aids weight loss

The phrase ‘you’re the Apple of my eye!’ denotes the popularity & omnipresence of the apples worldwide. Fresh apples are a staple, healthy fruits which are sweet in the taste. A hint of sourness can be tasted in other varieties of the apple such as green apple. Himachal region is very famous for its premium quality apples. It is a fresh fruit to start your everyday with, and how can we ever forget that an ‘apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ Looking to buy apples online? Grab hand-picked, quality apples from Rooots.

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Very juicy, Fresh and Sweet apples as my orders are every alternate days did not find any apples over ripe until yet.

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