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Blackberries-100% Pure and Natural

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Enjoy these exotic blackberries, sourced from North America by Rooots. Blackberry, like all other berries, is loaded with vitamins and nutrient essential for healthy living. People have been consuming fresh blackberries for a long time, and over the years, today, we can enjoy varieties of blackberries with high nutritional value. Some of the well-known benefits of consuming blackberries consistently 


High Source of Fibre
Fibre is an essential nutrient to have a healthy body. When you have a diet with low fibre intake, you suffer from various problems related to digestion like constipation, bloating or stomach pain. A cup of fresh organic Blackberries consists of almost 8 grams of fibre, making it one of the significant source of fibre in any food item. 

Loaded with Vitamin C nutrients
A cup of fresh blackberries consists of half the daily recommended Vitamin C for the body. Vitamin C is an excellent source that aid in regenerating your skin, it also helps fight the free radical responsible for ageing and other ailments. Vitamin C is also effective in healing wounds.

Helps in Maintaining a Healthy Heart
Making fresh organic blackberries part of your diet has proven to keep your heart in a healthy state. The level of flavonoids in blackberries are quite high, and these flavonoids are linked with having a lower chance of developing any heart conditions. Eating blackberries regularly will help in increasing the HDL cholesterol level (Good cholesterol level), thereby keeping your heart healthy.

Myrooots has made your access to organic fresh blackberries very easy; you can buy blackberries online through the website or call us to place your order for this superfood.

- contains Vitamin C, A & K
- source of fiber
- aids immune system functioning 
- improves brain function

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Purchased this week awesome taste made ice cream found to have delicious tast in ice cream asko.


Responsive and speedy delivery, fruit quality is good and fresh. This is my second order and will continue to purchase with myrooots.

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