Badri Cow Ghee

Badri Cow Ghee

Available PAN India

INR 1250

cold pressed coconut oil

Coconut Oil

Only Mumbai/Navi Mumbai

INR 380

cold pressed mustard oil

Mustard Oil

Only Mumbai/Navi Mumbai

INR 300

sesame oil buy online

Sesame Oil

Only Mumbai/Navi Mumbai

INR 540

cold pressed peanut oil

Peanut Oil

Only Mumbai/Navi Mumbai

INR 430

Cold Pressed Oils

Cold pressed oil is a healthy alternative to refined oil, and people conscious of their health are slowly shifting towards using cold pressed oil in their daily consumption. Cold pressed oil is extracted by crushing the ingredient slowly without using any heat, thus, keeping the nutrient value and the flavours intact. Uttaransh is one of the leading cold pressed oil brands in India, providing high-quality products to their consumers. Buy Cold Pressed Oil Online in Thane.

 Cold Pressed Oil Benefits

     Boosts Immunity: The cold pressed oils are loaded with oleic acid and lauric acid, one of the main nutrients responsible for boosting your immunity.

     Highly Nutritious: As the oil is extracted without any heat and chemicals, the organic cold pressed oil has high nutritional value that will help in                                                        improving  your overall health when used regularly.

     Lowers the Cholesterol Levels: Regular consumption of cold pressed oil aids in improving the HDL or the good cholesterol in your body and thereby                                                  lowers the risk of heart disease.