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Who We Are?

Rooots came into existence by seeding the ideas of great immunity and better health. During the pandemic amidst the growing uncertainty, one thing was certain that global lifestyle & diet norms were going to change for good. Our founders, Bhavini & Gurjeet realised that their one year old baby must thrive with a strong foundation of health in this new age world. They decided to go back to the roots in search of organic, fresh & quality fruits. ‘Why not facilitate the world with immense health?’ No sooner they asked this question to themselves than an unequivocal answer bloomed in their minds.

Both of them instinctively quit their high paying corporate jobs in pursuit of a fresh start. They followed their shared passion of travel & adventure across several states of India. Traversing the nooks and crannies of our country, they discovered and connected with the farmers and indigenous people whose excellent quality produce wasn’t reaching the market. On one hand the people were longing for a reliable source of fresh, organic food on their plate and on the other it was withering away on the farms of hinterlands, unable to get a fair price. Rooots materialised to empower the farmers and the health of the society as a whole, by bridging the gap.


Our Story

The team at Rooots consists of naturalists, nemophilists & fruitarians. They are adept at providing best quality organic produce with utmost commitment to the customers. Happy, healthy & living are the values that they live by, which inspires them to extend these values further to the Rooots clientele by ensuring 100% natural, organic food products.

They want to bust the myth that eating healthy is expensive. Because what you save will eventually be spent on the doctors. Rooots assists you in breaking this vicious cycle of unhealthy living, the fruitless junk spending.

Change starts at home. Your willingness to change for better health will be propagated by the Team Rooots till the goal’s fulfilment. The team mostly works with local organic farmers who shed sweat to achieve the highest standard of produce. Take a step to root for a better future for you, your loved ones, collective farmer community and the world. Let all prosper under the cool shade of the tree grown from our strong roots.